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Hollywood Star Mum, Angelina Jolie Shares Powerful Message For Women Facing Domestic Violence/Abuse 

It’s no news that the coronavirus pandemic has been a crisis for domestic violence, as more people than ever are trapped at home with their abusive partners.

And Hollywood star, Angelina Jolie fears that the devastation will only grow worse over the holidays.

Speaking with Harper’s Bazaar UK in connection with the UN’s 16 Days of Activism initiative against gender-based violence, Jolie detailed what steps people can take now to protect themselves and be there for their loved ones who may be suffering abuse.

And in a particularly painful acknowledgement, Jolie warned domestic violence survivors that they cannot always trust those closest to them, their friends and family, with the reality of what’s happening to them.

It’s a hard truth, but one Jolie is determined to get across: when it comes to domestic violence, you can’t take it for granted that your friends and family will support and believe you.

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Jolie feels passionately about ending the epidemic of gender-based violence, and believes domestic violence would be taken far more seriously if only people were more accountable about calling it our in their own lives.

“We don’t take domestic or gender-based violence seriously enough anywhere. It’s on all of us. People often don’t want to see abuse, even when it is right in front of them, because it’s easier not to.”

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