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Dear MIMsters: Is My Fiance Truly The Man That He Claims To Be

I am 28 years old and my fiance is 37 but I do not know if he is the man that he claims to be.

I have been dating him for the past 8 months. Last month, he proposed and I accepted. He has even come to see my parents and vice versa. He is from a very humble background. His family loves me so much, especially his mother because according to him, his mother has always prayed for him to marry my kind of girl and one from the same state as him.

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The moment we started dating, I kicked against premarital sex which he accepted and since then things have been flowing well. We come from the same state but he works in another state and comes to my state anytime he is free from work.

The problem here is that I have dreamt three times about him having sex with someone else. But I have only confronted him once, and he told me nothing like that is happening, that I should believe him.

Note: He loves me so much even more than I love him, that I know. He always supports anything I do as long as it is the right thing. I’ve always wished to be an actress and he is in full support. He always encourages me to go for any acting auditions that come up. He always prays for the day he will see me on TV and can boastfully say, “that is my wife.”

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On the day we got engaged me, I tried putting him to a test by trying to seduce him into having sex with me but he declined.

These were his words, “Baby let’s finish what we have started, let me marry you and take you out of your father’s house before making love to you. I respect you a lot. I don’t want to defile you before our wedding night. Let’s just wait till we get married. I have met different girls and I have had sex with them, but I later discovered that there is no gain in premarital sex. I have decided to keep myself for you, and to make you happy. I don’t want to hurt you or do anything that will hurt you. I told my mother you are a virgin and she told me not to touch you till we get married. So please let’s just wait. It won’t take long till we get married.”

I was speechless and I kept wondering if such men still exist. My previous relationships didn’t last long due to my refusal to have sex, but with this guy, it’s different.

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Two nights ago, I dreamt and in that dream, his best friend was telling me that my fiancee has a child. In that same dream, he also showed me pictures of the different girls my fiancee has been having sex with behind my back.

Since then, I have been bothered and I have kept wondering if he is really hiding something from me. I have prayed about it and I have also asked him but he said there’s nothing like that. He said it’s the devil that is trying to cast doubt on the trust that I have in him.

I am really confused because this is the third time that I am having this kind of dream. Please tell me, what should I do?

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