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Publisher/Mum-of-3, Betty Irabor’s Life Advice On Knowing When To Stop Chasing A Dream

Publisher, Betty Irabor, took to her Twitter handle on Wednesday morning, December 23, to share a powerful lesson she has learnt after seventeen years of running her lifestyle magazine, Genevieve.

The mum-of-three who started her successful magazine when she turned 46, shared that it was a trying time starting her magazine in the middle of a midlife crisis.

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Ms Irabor shared that there are many lessons from the successes and failures that have occurred while running her magazine but warned that it’s time to let go of a passion if one finds that their health is suffering.

According to 63-year-old Betty, she was only lucky to have stayed on and survived her life crisis while building her brand, stressing that it does not amount to failure if a person let go of their lofty ideas to stay sane and well.

Here’s what she wrote:

”Starting GENEVIEVE mag at 46 with the onset of Mid life crisis was a whole new experience; sustaining it for over 17 years without adequate funding & poor infrastructure was the killer.

We just kept at it; improvising all d way. That we are still here is by divine intervention

There are so many business lessons on failure and success I would like to teach using GENEVIEVE as a case study. You see this thing called passion?

Please please if it’s going to cost you your health, then it’s time to let it go… that wont count as failure on your part. It just means you chose your life over a threat to your life…

I just got lucky that i stayed and survived.”

If your passion is going to cost you your health, then it

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