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Actress, Victoria Inyama Welcomes New Mum, Etinosa Idemudia To The Single Mum Life In Cheeky Congratulatory Post

Former Nollywood actress and mum-of-three Victoria Inyama has reacted to the news that actress, Etinosa Idemudia welcomed a baby girl on Saturday and it’s not exactly the type of congratulatory message most new mums hope to get.

Inyama who is a single mum has a history with the first-time-mum- Etinosa, where it seemed that the latter had mocked the former for being a single mother. As Etinosa has now announced her own debut into motherhood, making no mention of an engagement, man, or marriage, Inyama took to Instagram to take her own pound of flesh.

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Victoria, in a now deleted Instagram post congratulated Etinosa on the arrival of her baby but also mockingly welcomed her to the single mothers’ chat group.

“So madam perfect has a baby….congratulations…I am still alive and well to see this. So you have also joined ‘our’ Single moms group chat…You mocked me with death but l won’t do same to you,” 

Inyanma wrote.

“But l dedicate that Cashout Lincoln & Zlatan song to you. Hopefully, motherhood will bring some joy into your life so you know that life dishes different meals…

Hopefully, you will stop projecting your despairs unto others but most importantly, fill your baby with love and wish others well. Stop wishing death to a person older than you.”

“Pray to get to that beautiful old age……it’s a blessing considering how people are just dying this year…Thank God for his gift of life to you Etiosa….try be happy now 💜”

the mum-of-three concluded.

See a screenshot of Inyama’s post

So You Have Also Joined 'Our' Single Moms Group Chat - Victoria Inyama Mocks Etinosa

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