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Nigerian Man, Ebele Uzo Peters, Writes On Why He Thinks Marriage Is An Accomplishment

A Nigerian man who is a Pastor, Ebele Uzo-Peters, has shared his thoughts on marriage and why he thinks marriage is an accomplishment, especially for women.

Ebele in his Facebook post opined that marriage helps people become better but that it particularly adds honor to a woman. What do you think?

According to him, women lead more fulfilling lives when they are in marriage but he also noted that even men lead more accomplished lives by virtue of marriage.

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Pastor Ebele added that marriage remains a blessing and an honour even though there are a number of “bitter and broken homes”.

He also said that a married person is not better than a single person and that a single person becoming accomplished when they marry does not mean that he or she becomes more fulfilled than other single people, rather it means they have become more fulfilled than they were while they were single.

See a screenshot of his post below.

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