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Comic Actor, Ali Baba Gives His Opinion On Why Men Prefer To Date Independent Women

Ace comedian and actor, Ali baba, has given reasons why men prefer to date independent women than women who depend on them.

The 55-year-old proud dad who is married to a successful banker listed the reasons while reacting to a Tweet by Wigwoman2021 which reads:

”Dating independent women and you think you won’t spend money? They don’t ask for urgent 10k. It’s urgent 150k and above.”

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Reacting, the comic actor wrote:

”The real reason for dating an independent woman is not because you don’t want to spend money on the woman.

You are dating the independent woman because you want to be certain that she is not in the relationship for financial gains.

You are sure she won’t ask. But you have to be observant to know when to step in. You just shine your eyes.

But on the flip side if she is not independent, her rent, upkeep, cosmetics, transportation, welfare, fashion, her budget, her future plan, is all part of that relationship.”


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