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See Important Information On Why Wearing Tight-fitting Shoes Or Socks Can Be Fatal For Babies -Dr. Peter Atangwho

A General Physician, Dr. Peter Atangwho, has urged mothers and caregivers to stop wearing tight-fitting shoes or socks for babies.

Atangwho, Chief Executive Officer of TeleMed Online Clinic, disclosed this in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria.

The physician said that though socks were sometimes necessary to keep the baby’s feet warm, they could also pose serious health risks.

Atangwho said that many people – parents and caregivers alike – kept buying and wearing their newborn and kids tight-fitting socks and shoes especially on big occasions.

According to him, this is wrong and it is because they are not aware that tight-fitting footwear can cause ingrown toenails.

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“Do not wear babies tight-fitting shoes. They do not walk for the first few months of their life, so such socks or shoes are useless. Using yarn boots or loose socks is enough.

“Wearing babies tight shoes or tight socks can cause ingrown toenails.

“Babies, children or adolescents and teens are particularly prone to having ingrown toenails from tight-fitting footwear. That’s because they tend to outgrow their footwear quickly.

“Stuffing their feet into tight socks and short shoes can cause painful ingrown toenails which may get infected, ”

he said.

Atangwho said that adults who constantly wear tight-fitting shoes were also at risk of having ingrown toenails.

“So, it is advisable that people wear loose socks and better-fitting shoes. You should not struggle with socks or shoes before you put them on. If you do, they are probably too tight and can harm your toes,”

he added.


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