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Turning 25 Despite Life-long Battle With Sickle Cell Anaemia, Brave Nafisat Beida Inspires Us With Her Touching Adventure 

If anything is worth sharing, it’s this! What an amazing young woman! A Nigerian lady identified as Nafisat Beida has become an inspiration to many sickle cell patients after sharing her story on social media.

Brave Nafisat who clocked 25 years recently said she is not ashamed of what faith has shown her from birth, adding that she has had a good fight.

According to the young woman, she is the only one out of seven children that is living with sickle cell. Nafisat said she is not going to give up on life.

The sickle cell warrior shared an adorable photo of herself and expressed gladness for the loving and caring parents she has.

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I am Nafisat Beida, a sickle cell fighter I am not ashamed of what faith has show me from birth, I have had good fight in pains and tears yet I stand with the notion that forward is the way forward and I am never going to give up on life. Out of 7 I am the only one with it.
which make me special😇
pain has been a part of me
I smile a lot to cover the pain I feel
I cry a lot to give me strength and make me feel relieve
am happy and glad I have
parents👨‍👩‍👧 who can and will move mountain for me, love me, care for me, support me, pray for me
family that love me
small circle of friends that care.
death is constant we are all walking corpse but I shall not die by crisis
I hate the pain but is loving📌📌
I hate the stress my parents have to go through
I hate the hospital 🚑🏥(second home)
I hate the set back
I hate the fear of the unknown
I hate the drugs 💊
I hate the injection💉
I hate the emotional break down
I hate everything about it
but in all
so it is my cross to carry
am proud of my journey
am a warrior born to fight💪. May Allah protect and heal every sickle cell fight
to the ones we lost may there souls continue to rest in peace.
Allahadulila happy birthday to me cheers to 25.”

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