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Mixed Reactions Trail Comedian And Dad, Crazeclown’s Unique Twitter Post: ‘If Your Brother Is Married With Kids And Still…. Respect His Wife’

Popular Instagram comedian, Crazeclown has got people talking on social media following a statement he made about family on his Twitter handle.

In the tweet, the comic skit maker stated that if a man is married with kids and still takes care of his siblings and parents, his wife is behind it.

According to the dad-of-one, women in such marriages should be respected and hailed for not creating a fuss or drama over the extra financial responsibility.

This is probably coming from the fact that some women think that a man should only face and invest solely on his own home as soon as he gets married.

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Taking to his official Twitter page, the funny man writes:

”If your brother is married with kids and he still spends and takes care of his siblings and parents without any drama … Respect his wife she’s the real MVP.”

The brand ambassador also wrote in a subsequent post that being a father has made him realize the world needs a ‘Mother’s Year, i.e. mothers are very important and deserve to be celebrated for a whole year.

”I use to argue why there are so many ‘Mothers day’ in a year and just one Father’s Day but being a father has made me realise the world needs a ‘Mother’s Year’. God bless every mother out there.”

Crazeclown’s statement generated mixed reactions as Nigerians took to the comment section to agree, disagree or state their own facts.

@Esperanza_elpis: “My brother is married with a kid, and any spending he does has drama attached to it, but I’ve stopped expecting anything from him so I would stop being disappointed. I work for my stuff myself.”

@DarqWurld: “But why should there be any drama if the man is capable? How this thing take concern the wife na?”

@adetomiwa6ix: “Lol, I see no sense in this tweet.”

@Stella_Obalum3: “Gbam..!!! I am a living testimony. I got mad respect for my sister-in-law. She is an amazing person.”

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