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See If You Can Relate With Journalist, Aisha Salaudeen’s Encounter With Immigration Officers Over Keeping Her Maiden Name Despite Being Married

Multimedia journalist, Aisha Salaudeen has shared her encounter with Immigration officers when she went to renew her passport recently.

In her Twitter thread, Aisha said the officers were shocked that she still keeps her maiden name despite the fact that she is married.

The journalist who write articles and produce TV shows for @CNNi, @CNNAfrica added that one of the officers also asked why she hasn’t changed her state of origin to that of her husband’s home.

Aisha says she prays to see a country where a woman’s decision to still keep her name despite being married isn’t seen as an act of rebellion.

Her full tweet reads:

”I was judged harshly by immigration staff when I went to renew my international passport for keeping my name. Refusing to bear my husband’s name was so bizarre to them that they refused to shut up about it.

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And I don’t get it. Change of name is so random to me. This is the name I have had my entire life, all my achievements, failures and experiences are contained in this name. I want to keep it, why is that such a problem?

One of the women even expressed shock that I hadn’t changed my state of origin to that of my husband’s. It feels almost ridiculous that women have to fight to keep their identities, who they are. Why must everything be tied to a man? I am an individual with agency.

I want a country where something as simple as keeping one’s name won’t be seen as an act of rebellion. I want to hold on to the name I’ve had since birth, it should be that simple,”

she tweeted.

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