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Ten Traits Every Man Must Watch Out For In A Woman If They Want A Lasting, Enjoyable Marriage According To  Preacher, Pastor Elvis Agyemang

The head pastor of Grace Mountain Ministries, Pastor Elvis Agyemang, has revealed ten dangerous women men should avoid if they want to have a lasting relationship or marriage.

According to the Ghanaian pastor, no one sets out to deliberately destroy their marriage, but some unknowingly drift into behaviours that damage their relationship or marriage.

The cleric went on to caution single men about some traits that when they see in a woman should think twice about her.

He listed the ten dangerous women as follows via his Facebook page:

1. Men must avoid chatter or blabber.

2. Avoid a woman who is not secretive.

3. Avoid a manipulative woman.

4. Avoid a liar.

5. Men must avoid a woman who would do anything for money but hardly knows how to create wealth.

6. Avoid a woman who does not trust your leadership.

7. Avoid a woman who does not know how to apply wisdom in correcting your mistakes.

8. Avoid a rebellious and disrespectful woman.

9. Avoid a woman who is into fornication.

10. Avoid a home breaker.

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The young preacher said women who gossip a lot about their fellow women are described as okro mouths who cannot keep secrets in marriages. In his words:

“One of the traits that women exhibit which has made most men regret marrying those women are those who don’t know how to keep secrets. A woman who doesn’t know how to keep a man’s secret is a dangerous one and you must be careful”.

He added another important trait in a woman that must be a concern for men are those who always have a friend who knows everything about her marriage inside out.

Narrating a personal encounter to his church members, Pastor Elvis said, one day a lady visited him at his office to complain about something she felt wasn’t going well in their marriage.

According to the man of God, the woman told him that her friend she came with can tell him the issues in their marriage better. He stated further:

“I was shocked and asked her friend to leave our presence. When she left I told this married woman that, she is the problem why the marriage isn’t working. Who told you men like such things? Your husband would never like you if he knows this is your character.”

He also cautioned men to be very wary of women who when misunderstanding occur in their marriages, about eight or more of her friends would call to talk to him about their problem.

“Such a woman is dangerous, run away,” he said.

In addition, he said, one thing a man can use to know that, his lady talks too much is,

“as soon as a problem crops up in the relationship, just check the WhatsApp status of her friends and you shall find that, their post has something to do with the problem between you and your fiancee. Such a woman would not help you”.

“If you follow beauty and go for any woman at all then, the two of you shall suffer. There are women who are not talkatives and before they talk, they know who they are talking to”.

According to him, men should not be scared but the choices they make can make or unmake them.

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He admonishes young men to stop being obsessed with beautiful women with fat ass and rather settle on those who will never forsake them in good or bad times. He said:

“Am not scaring men about women, but, if the men are careful, they will find good women to marry. There are women who before they open their mouths, then it means the matter has become too much and not the ones who talk at the least of things. Often listen to the talks of women and you can tell the kind of attitude she will exhibit.”

Pastor Agyemang emphasised that it is better to cancel the wedding a week or two days to the ceremony than tying the knot to cover up the shame and end up divorcing later.

According to the man of God, most men who have married now realise they made a mistake.

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