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Dear Mimsters: I Accepted Her Offer of Help… Now It is Threatening My Marriage

Dear Mimsters, I need your advice on this pressing issue that is threatening the peace of my home.. My mother is late and I delivered my 2nd child a month ago, 3 weeks early. My auntie who helps take care

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Dear Mimsters: I’m 7 Months Pregnant but My Boyfriend’s Attitude Is Pushing Me Back to My Ex

Dear Mimsters, I hope you can help me to deal with this situation I am in. I am 25yrs old and 7 months pregnant. My boyfriend of 8 months whom I’m carrying a baby for, does not stay home even

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Dear Mimsters: My Girlfriend Is Dating Another Man… Should I Accept Her Reasons or Move On?

Dear Mimsters, I am in disarray right now. I don’t know if i should move on or understand with my girlfriend. Please I need your meaningful advice. I have a girlfriend and I talk about life and building a home

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