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Puppy Love! See Love Letter Written by a 12-Year-Old Nigerian Boy to His ‘Girlfriend’

A Nigerian man, Atunbi has shared via Instagram, a love letter he saw a 12-year-old boy Ola writing to his ‘girlfriend’ Oke, and it is very intense. One would wonder how such a young boy is able to compose such a

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8 Things Only Mothers Of Boys Understand

Children are blessings, little droplets of heaven some might say. That is true, without a shadow of a doubt. When a woman is blessed with 3, 4, 5, boys. She’s an amazon, because she is living in a world of

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How To Motivate Your Reluctant Child To Learn

Ndidi Adekunle Whether it’s a child with mood swings or one who would do anything all the time to opt out of a learning situation, we all have come across children who at one point or the other, have shown

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