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Nigerian Physician, Dr. Val Sparks Outrage After Revealing What Comes To His Mind When He Sees Women In Their 30’s Coming For Fertility Treatment

A Nigerian doctor has thrown caution to the wind and social media users are now questioning his eligibility to practice his medical profession after he shared on twitter how he feels when women in their thirties walk into his office

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Health Checklist For Women In Their 30s, 40s And 50s (Part One)

Mark Wealth Health is wealth, they say and so like wealth, we should take good care of it, never taking our foot of the pedal. Looking at it from another angle, the human body is not like wine that gets

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Nigerian Single Woman Calls Society’s Bluff As She Turns 30

Clocking 30 years is a dreaded time for many women, but particularly so for single women in our kind of society. One Nigerian lady has however called ‘society’s’ bluff, saying she’s done well for herself despite being unmarried at 30.

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