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On Welcoming Two Babies In The Space Of 22 Months; New Mum, Sunmbo Adeoye, Shares What She Has Learnt After She Couldn’t Conceive For 5 Years Prior

Sunmbo Adeoye, wife of Lagos pastor, David Adeoye, took to social media today to speak about how God has blessed her with two children in the space of 22 months. The mum of four, had two children with singer 2face

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He caught The Garter, She Caught The Bouquet: Strangers Who Met At A Wedding 5 Years Ago Share Their Unique Love Story

A couple got married years after meeting at a wedding where they both caught the garter and the bouquet. The couple were complete strangers when they attended the wedding where they first met five years ago. The elated new bride,

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Would You Do For Your Ex-Husband What Kelly Hope Did For Hers 5 Years After Their Divorce?

Dan Pyatt, 44, and his ex-wife Kelly Hope, 43, began dating when they were 18 and got married 13 years later, in 2007. Sadly, less than a year after their wedding, Dan fell ill with an aggressive type of kidney

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