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9ice Talks About His Journey to Fatherhood With Ex-Wife, Tony Payne In New Interview

Alapomeji crooner 9ice, has revealed how scared he was upon finding out he was going to be a father at 28, with ex-wife, Toni Payne. The father of four kids who were bore by different women, Abolore Adigun, popularly known

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”Marriage is not for this generation” – 9ice Tells Us Why in New Interview

Singer, Abolore Akande popularly known as 9ice, in an interview with veteran TV personality, Funmi Iyanda, has shared his thoughts on marriage, career and more. Iyanda, asked if the father of 4 children from 3 women, would get married again following

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9ice Defends Ex-wife Toni Payne From Trolls who Tried to Shade her on his Page

Talented Yoruba singer, 9ice, seems to be getting a lot of praise from his fans for what some call a remarkably noble action. The father of 4 children, posted a video of himself at a recent event performing. Toni Payne, who shares

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”It’s not by force to get married. I am happy with my children” – 9ice

Popular musician, Abolore Akande, popularly known as 9ice, has slammed those asking him to get married, telling them it is not by force. The father of 4 children from 3 women, who divorced his ex-wife, Toni Payne, (read here), has stated

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“I Wish All My Children Came From One Woman” – 9ice Tells Us Why

Popular Juju and Afro pop singer, 9ice, whose love life has been in the eye of the public, in a recent interview with Punch, revealed he wished that all his children came from one woman. The Gongo Aso crooner, who

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‘If I stay married to just one woman, many women will end up without any husband’ – 9ice Spills

Singer/politician, Abolore Akande popularly known as 9ice has revealed he plans to marry many wives as part of support to reduce the number of unmarried women. He made this revelation during a recent interview on Ebonylife TV. Justifying his plans,

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‘It would be unfair if a man marries one wife’ – 9ice Spills

The singer and single dad of four kids from three women has reportedly disclosed that it would be unfair to women if men married only one wife. According to reports, during an interview on Ebony Life TV, he said, “We

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Check Out These Charming Photos Of Singer, 9ice And His Family

9ice, his girlfriend, Olusunkanmi, and their daughter, Michelle, are picture-perfect in new photos. See more below… Olusunkanmi, is 9ice’s 3rd baby mama and mother of his 4th child.

9ice Sets the Records Straight About Toni Payne Cheating On Him

In the wake of the viral cheating scandal involving music act, Iceprince and his girlfriend, Maima, 9ice’s ex-wife, Toni Payne, tweeted in defense of the rapper, saying, “You all should free Iceprince. His girl, his business. Why are you all

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9ice Reacts to Ex-wife, Toni Payne’s Recent Post on Forgiving Him After 6 Years

In reaction to his ex-wife, Tony Payne’s recent post on her website titled, ‘Letting go of all Bitterness and Hate for the one I once loved,’ (read here), 9ice in a chat with Punch said: “I saw the write-up my ex-wife

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