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What Is Link Between Homosexuality and Abortions? See Linda Harvey’s Thoughts

An American evangelist has shared her thoughts on abortion and homosexuality. According to Linda Harvey, there are many gay children in the world today and it is God’s ‘punishment’ to the world for allowing women to have abortions. The Christian

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Why Husband Forced Wife to Undergo 4 Abortions in One Year Will Break Your Heart

Yueyue, a Chinese woman has reportedly died after being forced to go through four abortions in a year because her husband wanted a son. According to Dailymail, the deceased, who already had a 4-year-old daughter was told by her husband to

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Heartbreaking Recount of a SS1 Student Subjected to Sexual Abuse Will Make You Sceptical of Pastors

A Senior Secondary School 1, SS1 student, has narrated how she has been subjected to sexual abuse since she was 10 years old, by a pastor at the Ikotun-Egbe branch of a popular new generation Pentecostal church in Lagos. The

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