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Activist, @Forever_Rayyan Sparks Outrage After Advocating For Maryam Sanda To Be Pardoned

Hopefully, that time will never come when domestic violence will be excused or treated as mere accidents. Following the sentencing of Abuja based mum-of-two, Maryam Sanda to death by hanging by a High Court in Abuja; an activist on Twitter

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Story Of Activist & Mum-Of-Two, Sonia Obi-Okodo Buttresses Why Parents Ought To Be Wary Of Living With Relatives

A Nigerian activist has taken to social media to expose an uncle who sexually abused her when she was a child. The activist and mum-of-two Identified as Sonia Obi-Okodo revealed that about the age of 5 years, the uncle whose

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Nigerian Activist, Thotiana, Implicates Healthcare Workers And Pastors In The Suffering Of Victims Of Domestic Violence

A Nigerian activist, Thotiana, has narrated her many experiences in the course of her advocacy for victims of domestic violence and child abuse in Nigeria, and it is anything but savoury. The activist took to her Twitter handle, @ChiefWitxh to

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