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Celebrity Dad, Terry Crews Details How He Saved His Marriage After His Wife Got To Know About His Dark Secret

It is so refreshing to see celebrities be honest about their lives and struggles. American actor and comedian, Terry Crews has never had a problem sharing intimate details of his life with fans. The former American football player, 50, was

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Wendy Williams Gets Real In An Emotional Monologue About Her Struggle With Substance Abuse

Wendy Williams Hunter, the sassy talk show host ‘Wendy Williams’ during an emotional monologue on her talk show on Tuesday, revealed that she is presently living in a sober house because of her battles with addiction. “For some time now,

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Jada Pinkett-Smith And Mom, Adrienne Let Out Some Dirts About Their Pasts In ‘Attainment of True Freedom’

Jada Pinkett -Smith and her mother, Adrienne Banfield-Jones  are ‘attaining’ true freedom by telling their ‘dirty’ pasts. They are letting it all go while also teaching others how to let it all out, too so as to be able to fly light.

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