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Young And Smoking Marijuana? You Need To Read This!

A new study by researchers from Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland has found that adolescents who frequently smoke marijuana may experience a decline in Intelligence Quotient over time. The findings of the research, experts say, provide further insight into

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Study Finds That Adolescents Who Have Involved Dads Will Likely Turn Out Better Than Their Peers

In low-income families, fathers who are engaged in their children’s lives can help to improve their mental health and behavior, according to a Rutgers University-New Brunswick study published in the journal Social Service Review. The researchers found that adolescents in low-income

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How Your Child’s Perception Of You Determines Whether Or Not They Will Cyberbully Others

Adolescents who perceive their parents to be loving and supportive are less likely to engage in cyberbullying, according to a new study by researchers at New York University. The findings, published in the International Journal of Bullying Prevention, are especially

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How Parents & Society Can Help Adolescent Girls Make Better Reproductive Health Choices

The Regional Manager of Adolescent 360 Project, Mr. Tunde Ogungbenro, has urged governments at all levels, parents and community leaders to educate adolescent girls on their reproductive health to avoid teenage pregnancies. The project was sponsored by the Society for

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5 Ways To Help Your Adolescents Adjust To A Change Of Environment.

Moving to a new neighbourhood, town, or country can be challenging for children, especially teenagers. Since they are already going through rapid physical changes and have neither the resilience nor experience of adults, they may have a hard time adjusting

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