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Eye-Opening Study Links Maternal Age To Autism

A ten-year study at the University of California, Davis concluded that there is a link between maternal age and autism. The study looked at 4.9 million births in the 1990s and found that older mothers are more likely to give

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8 Surprising Things That Increase Your Chances Of Having Twins

The idea of having twins is a fond thought for many Nigerian women because we just love children! Clearly, not everyone can have twins, however, certain facts may be an eye-opener for you, if you wish to increase your chances

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14 Things Women Should Stop Doing Before Turning Thirty

Turning thirty marks the dawn of a new beginning for every woman. If you are about to celebrate this milestone, take note of some things we recommend you should stop doing before 30: 1. Worrying too much, either consciously or not,

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