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Jennifer Aniston, 50, Discusses Prevalent Stereotypes Attached To Women Aging

American actress and film producer, Jennifer Aniston opened up on aging and prevalent stereotypes attached to growing older in the InStyle magazine October beauty issue. In the interview with the outlet, the businesswoman, who turned 50 earlier this year, said

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Why A Woman’s Face Ages Faster Than A Man After She Hits Menopause -New Research

They say, time seems to speed up as we get older. And it appears that the same happens to the ageing process, too. Ageing is inevitable and so are the signs, which are clearly etched onto our faces. Women start

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5 Common Habits That Will Make You Age

Eyinade Eweje Most women try all they can to look radiant, elegant and youthful. However, some often overlooked habits besides smoking and excessive alcohol consumption may sabotage the expected results of your consistent beauty routine and make you age quicker.

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