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Expository! Overcoming Stigmatisation, Bullying & Depression: Scorned Nigerian Women & Mums Battling Alopecia Tell Their Motivational Journey To Self-love & Acceptance

Alopecia is a common autoimmune disorder that causes unpredictable hair loss in different parts of the head. Online sources note that some symptoms of alopecia include grey and white hair where there is hair loss, hair re-grows where it fell

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Nigerian Lady, Jasmine Oguns Shares Motivational Journey On Winning At Life Despite Being Suicidal & Living With Alopecia

Jasmine Oguns’ life journey is an inspiration to many of us. Jasmine who is living with alopecia, shares her journey to becoming bald and experience on how she almost committed suicide in 2008 due to the side effects of wrong

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Expository! 7-Year-Old Kaiden Clark Has Alopecia And Here Are The Signs Of The Disease You May Have Been Ignoring

7-year-old Kaiden Clark didn’t care that she had to be bald. In fact, at such a young age, she embraced the dramatic change to her appearance. Shaving her hair off was necessary, but she didn’t feel any less beautiful when it was

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