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‘Surviving R.Kelly’: Docuseries Expose Sordid Details Of Sexual Abuse Perpetrated By The Singer For Years

Sleek and smooth rap artiste and accomplished entertainer, Robert Sylvester Kelly popularly known by his stage name R.Kelly is maybe not so sleek afterall. Reports of allegations of the singer’s unwholesome sexual attraction to minors and his wanton sexual abuse of

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How Doting Mum, Briana Hampton, Is Helping Her Son Find His Voice Against Bullies

A doting mum is doing everything she can to make sure her child is safe and aware that he is loved by her and those who matter in his life. Black mum, Briana Hampton, became aware of constant bullying, and

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10 Times Michelle Obama Slayed As FLOTUS

It is an emotional time for Americans, as their beloved president, Barack Obama and his wife, Michelle Obama, have bid their citizens goodbye, read here. The whole world loves president’s most adorable asset, his wife. She has never failed to slay

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