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Mom-Of-2, Kiara Shanee Recounts Her Labour Room Experience, And It Is Hilarious

Mom-of-2, Kiara Shanee has taken to her social media page to share her labour room experience while birthing her second daughter, Kensley Ayanna. According to her, she was in labour for two days and went all natural up to 8cm.

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Kenyan Mom Starves Newborn to Death | See Heartbreaking Reason

A baby girl who was born with facial deformities in Kenya has died of starvation after her mother refused to breastfeed her. The baby was born on Sunday, August 27 and without eyes. Her nose was on the upper side

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Born Without Eyes! Devastated Mum Cries Out For A Thorough Examination Of Her New Born Baby

A devastated Chinese woman in Guangzhou, has cried out to a larger hospital in China to thoroughly examine her baby boy who was born without eyes. According to Dailymail, the eye condition known as Anophthalmia is said to affect one in

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