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Celebrity Mum, Kim Kardashian Reveals She’s Also Had An Awakening Following Her Husband’s New Christian Faith & How That Will Influence Her Fashion

Reality television star and mum-of-four, Kim Kardashian West has admitted to having her own moment of epiphany following her rapper husband, Kanye West’s conversion to Christianity. Kanye, who denounced his worldly ways a couple of months back, also made it

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Ugandan Mum, Barbara Kemigisa Employs Her 3 Children To Join Her On A Cause That Many Are Questioning

Ugandan mother of three, Barbara Kemigisa is HIV positive, and so are her three children. In a bid to enlighten people and raise awareness on the burden of living with the virus, the outspoken mum has put her children on

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Informative: Parents and Kids Living With One Form of Disability or the Other Tell What It Takes To Let Other Kids Into Their World

A disability is a condition that a person has and which limits him/her in some way. Disability affords a human-being some forms of restrictions and it can be quite challenging especially if both mom and child are disabled. People living

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