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Celebrity Dad, ‘AY’ Makun Explains Why Trying To Meet The Needs Of Everyone Because You Are Rich Never Ends Well

Celebrity dad, Ayo Makun, popularly known as AY, has taken to his Instagram account to point out his disappointment at how entitled a lot of people are once they know that you have some money. He pointed out how everyone

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Comedian AY’s Wife, Mabel Gives Him Surprise Birthday Package As He Turns 45 Today

Comedian, AY Makun is celebrating his 45th birthday today, 19th of August, and his lovely wife, Mabel, gave him a surprise birthday package by bringing some friends and family to where he was training by 12 a.m.! The excited dad

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Comedian Ay Makun Shares Cute Photo of His Family

Popular Nigerian comedian, Ay Makun, shared the photo above of his wife and daughters via Instagram. He captioned it “I miss my girls” with the hashtag #nigeriameetsouthafrica. The father of two is currently in South Africa for the annual horse racing

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AY Makun Shares Powerful Inspirational Quotes with Cute Photos

Popular Nigerian comedian, AY Makun took to social media to share a powerful message to fans saying they should infuse their life with action… Read the post below… He also shared lovely photos… Photo credit: AYcomedian/Instagram

‘Taking Care Of My Six Siblings After The Death Of My Parents Kept Me In The University For 9 Years’ – AY Comedian Opens Up

Popular Nigerian comedian, AY Makun took to his Instagram page to share how growing up was very tough for him and his six siblings, especially after their parents passed away. The proud brother who assumed the role of a father

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Comedian, AY Shares Lovely Photos & Shout Out As Wife Turns A Year Older

The comedian’s beautiful wife, Mabel Makun, is a year older today and her hubby shared lovely photos of her with a sweet birthday shout out on his IG page in celebration. See below… I always feel blessed and happy to

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AY Makun Celebrates 7th Wedding Anniver With Throw Back Pictures From Wedding

As comedian AY Makun and wife, Mabel mark their 7th wedding anniversary, the creator of the AY show, took to his IG page to share these throw back pictures of his wedding day. To his beautiful wife, Mabel he wrote:

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