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5 Health Benefits of Giving Your Child Green Peas

Ogbugoh Terundu JOY It it is small, it is round and it is green, sometimes it even comes in the shade of yellow. Many people use it for salad and some for rice,  but this vegetable deserves to be incorporated

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Starting Your Baby On Solids? The Eight Rs You Must Know

Considering introducing solids to your baby is a good step, but wait a minute! Have you put all the essentials into consideration? Like when to start, what to start with amongst others? Here are the 8 Rs you must know

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How Do I Get My Baby To Eat Veggies?

For all your questions on pregnancy, delivery, child care, nutrition, fitness and wellness, get answers from our seasoned team of experts. Send your questions to Q:  My 18 months old son doesn’t like eating vegetables. How do I get

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