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Baby Recipe: Sweet Potato Puree

Sweet potatoes are one of the most popular first foods for babies, especially among mums who are looking to introduce vegetables early on. The orange- and yellow-fleshed roots are packed with fiber, vitamins A and C, and beta-carotene, but they’re also

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BABY RECIPE: Turkey & Carrot Puree

By F.C When it comes to baby food, there really are a lot of healthy ingredients we can combine to excite their taste buds and ensure they get very optimal nutrition. This is one quite tasty and easy-to-prepare recipe my

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Yummy Baby Recipes: Baby purees made from carrots, peas and apples

Baby’s Pureed Apples: Suitable from 4 months old You Will Need: Apples, Water, Blender, Ice Cube Trays, Freezer bags or Bowls and Peeler Instructions: Peel off skin and cut the apples into quarters. Pour 250ml of water into a pot

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