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7 Simple Tips to Help Your Child Stop Bed-wetting

Ineh Olisah Your child probably wets the bed because he is a heavy sleeper, has a small urinary bladder which makes it impossible to go all night without urinating, experiences muscle spasms that cause urine to leak, his body secretes inadequate

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Pregnant Woman Dumps 5-Year-Old Stepdaughter Inside a Hot Water… Guess What She Did?

A 5-year-old girl is the latest victim of child abuse after her pregnant stepmother allegedly dipped her inside hot water and locked her up for three weeks without medical attention which has affected her private parts According to Facebook user,

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Dear MIMsters: Hubby’s Niece Did This To My 2-Year-Old Son and I’m Expected to Forgive?

My hubby’s 13-year-old niece stays with us. Her father is late and I personally asked her mum to let her stay with us to ease her burden since she has two other daughters. However, I’ll never stop regretting that kind-hearted

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How to Help Your Child Stop Wetting the Bed

Parents often worry about their children bed wetting, a problem defined as “involuntary urination in children 5 years of age or older.” Halima Janjua, a pediatric nephrologist and Audrey Rhee, a pediatric urologist in an interview with Cleveland Clinc, offers some

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UPDATE: Court Convicts Father Who Brutalised His 4-Year-Old Daughter With A Boiling Ring For Bed-wetting

Benjamin Endurance, the 36-year-old father who used hot boiling ring (read here) on his daughter, 4, Goodness, over allegation of bed-wetting has been arrested and dragged to court. The evil father was said to have burnt Goodness’ leg as a

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Photos: Little Girl Allegedly Brutalized By Her Father And Stepmother Over Bed-wetting

A concerned lady on Twitter, @MissTekenah, shared disturbing photos of a little girl, Goodness, who was allegedly severely brutalized with a hot boiling ring by her father and stepmother for bed-wetting in Yenagoa, Bayelsa State, urging everyone to report any case of

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Photo: 5 Year Old Girl Tortured By Her Step Mum for Bed Wetting

A step mum has left people in shock after she brutally gave her stepdaughter the beating of her life and inflicted terrible injuries on her all because she bed wets. The police in Ogun State have arrested the woman identified

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