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Want To Lose That Belly Fat? Check Out These Experts-recommended Effective Tips

Is there a woman, mothers especially who does not want to be rid of their excess tummy fat? The countless number of celebrities who snap-back as fast a wink, leaves not so fabulous women feeling left out, even though we

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Health Alert: Experts Share Five Dangerous Effects Of Drinking Soda Or ‘Minerals’

Soda is one of society’s favorite beverages. At most Nigerian parties, the go to drink is usually soda or ‘mineral’. Though it is popular with men, women, and children, many experts believe drinking soda may have serious health consequences. According

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Motherhood: 5 Habits That Foster Your Belly Fat

Ogbugoh Terundu Joy Excess belly fat is bad for your clothes and dangerous to your health. It poses risk of diseases such as type 2 diabetes, cancer and even heart disease. Nobody likes belly fat. People spend their lives dreading

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Kick These 6 Habits Now to Reduce Your Belly Fat

Are you disturbed by your weight especially in your tummy area? If you knew what you could to reduce your belly fat, would you do it? Start by kicking these six eating unhealthy habits as prescribed by lifespan. 1. Drinking

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7 Steps to Getting Rid of Your Belly Fat

Dolapo Marinho Is there a mum who does not want to be rid of her excess tummy fat? Constantly, we are bombarded with celebrity snapback photos and instagrammers with seamless, svelte physiques and can’t help but feel inadequate. Follow the

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7 Foods That Curb Inflammation & Belly Fat

Paola Magni To follow a varied and balanced diet, make sure you eat anti-inflammatory foods. If inflammation is under control you’ll feel better and find it easier to lose weight and reduce belly fat. See foods that help: 1. Fruits

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7 Habits You Should Kick to Reduce Belly Fat

For most women, having a bulging belly can be quite embarrassing. Find seven eating habits that can contribute to belly fat, and be sure to do the opposite, so you can reduce the embarrassing sight as fast as possible! 1. Drinking Carbonated Drinks Regularly Can’t

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4 Ways To Lose The Belly Fat

Many of us dream of a flat stomach and washboard abs. However, despite dieting and exercising, fat around the middle can be especially hard to shift. Now, personal trainer James Staring, from Fit to Last, a London-based fitness company, claims he

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