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Mental Health: Study Identifies Blood Test That May Accurately Predict Alzheimer’s Disease

Scientists said on Monday that they had developed a way of predicting if patients will develop Alzheimer’s disease by analysing their blood, in what experts hailed as a potential “gamechanger” in the fight against the debilitating condition. Around 50 million

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Medical Breakthrough: Scientists Develop Blood Test That Can Detect Cancer 4 Years Before Symptoms

A team of researchers in China have discovered a blood test that can detect cancer up to four years before symptoms appear, in a latest study. The study, published in Nature Communications, a scientific journal, on Tuesday, revealed that the

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Good News for Pregnant Women As Scientists Develop Ground Breaking Blood Test Which Can Predict Premature Birth, Reduce Complications and More

According to US and Danish scientists on Thursday, there’s now a ground breaking inexpensive blood test that may predict with up to 80 percent accuracy whether a pregnant woman will give birth prematurely. While more research, according to AFP, is

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