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How Mom-Of-3, Priscilla Who Contracted HIV After A Botched Abortion Grabbed Life In The Face Of Death

The knowledge of being HIV-positive, for anyone could be life-altering. It becomes even more devastating when the virus was contracted following a procedure believed would ensure that a quest for tertiary education was not truncated. That narrative practically fits the

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Public Outrage As Nigerian Parents Of Critically Ill Baby Are Boycotting Medical Help Because Their Jehovah Witness Faith Is Against Blood Transfusion

Nigerians on social media are outraged following the release of a video showing a Nigerian father refusing medical assistance for his ailing daughter, Precious, just because his church, Jehovah’s Witness, is against blood transfusion. The video was shared by activist, Harrison Gwamnishu, who

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Lagos State Government Explains Why Baby Was Taken From Jehovah Witness Parents

The Lagos State Government has rescued a 14-day-old baby girl after her parents refused to allow her have blood transfusion, citing religious beliefs. The infant who was said to be born fragile and jaundiced was kept at home by her

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Faith or Foolishness? Nigerian Mum Allows Her 2 Week-Old Baby Die For Religious Reason

According to a Nigerian doctor on twitter, a mother acting out of religion chose to let her 2 week-old son die rather than accept a blood transfusion that would have saved him. A harrowing experience for the doctors as they were

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Pregnant Woman Reportedly Dies After Her Jehovah Witness Husband Rejects Doctor’s Recommendation

(This is not the woman’s picture) A pregnant Jehovah Witness member who has been in labor for days has reportedly died. According to a Facebook user who shared the story, the woman died as a result of her husband’s refusal

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Tragic! Woman Dies from Excessive Bleeding during Childbirth after Refusing Blood Transfusion Because her Faith Doesn’t Permit it

A Jehovah’s Witness church member named, Peace Euodia has died after she had excess bleeding during childbirth and allegedly refused blood transfusion because her faith does not permit such. According to Ossai Ovie Success, who shared the tragic news on

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Pregnant Jehovah Witness Who Refused Blood Transfusion Dies

A 28-year-old seven months’ pregnant Jehovah’s witness, with acute promyelocytic leukaemia dies in Australia after refusing blood transfusion. A harrowing experience for the doctors of Prince of Wales and Royal Hospital for Women in Randwick, as they were forced to

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