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Brown Period Blood: How To Know If It’s Normal & When To See A Doctor

Period blood isn’t always red. It can range from light pink to dark blackish-brown. You probably know what to expect during your period: how long it will last, when it’ll be the heaviest, and which days you’ll feel the worst.

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Nigerian Mum, Cynthia Chinule Grateful To Still Have Her Baby Recounts How Prayers Worked For Her During Pregnancy

A Nigerian woman, Cynthia Adaeze Chinule has recounted how her prayers helped her carry and birth her baby despite a scary issue with the placenta three months into her pregnancy. Cynthia shared that she thought she had suffered a painful

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How Ban On Compulsory Blood Donation In Lagos Hospitals May Affect Expectant Mothers- Health Commissioner

The Lagos State Commissioner of Health, Prof. Akin Abayomi, has reacted to the ruling that banned state-owned hospitals from demanding compulsory blood donation from husbands of pregnant women seeking antenatal and maternity services. According to updates published by PUNCH, the

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Court Stops Fathers’ Compulsory Blood Donation In Lagos Hospitals

The Lagos State High Court in Ikeja on Monday struck down the policy that spouses of pregnant women seeking antenatal care in Lagos public hospitals must compulsorily make blood donation before their pregnant wives could be registered for antenatal care.

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