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Yay or Nay? Mums Share Public Breastfeeding Photos

These photos of breastfeeding mothers feeding their babies in public aims at showing that openly breastfeeding in public is cool. What do you think? Yay or Nay?    

Mums Post Breastfeeding Selfies in Facebook Protest After Removal Of Photo For ‘Nudity Violations’

Dozens of mums have taken to Facebook to post their breastfeeding selfies, after one mother’s photo was reported for nudity violations. Mum-of-two Kaya Wright, 32, posted a picture of her nursing her 16-month-old sonKayden in the bath on a closed

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Breastfeeding Mums Banned From Nursing Children At Breastfeeding Conference

Breastfeeding mothers are outraged after being banned from feeding their children at a summit on nursing babies. The bizarre snub was discovered after the government event was announced to promote the use of breast milk. Delegates who asked to bring babies

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A Mother Branded A ‘Tramp’ For Breastfeeding Her Child In Public

This mother has been labelled a tramp by some photographer who secretly took a picture of her while carrying out her motherly duties. Her crime? Allowing her eight-month-old daughter ‘feast on her nipple in town.’ According to the Daily Mail

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