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7 Ways To Dry Up Your Milk Supply With Ease After Weaning Your Baby

At some point, every nursing mother will be have to make the decision to discontinue breastfeeding her child. To promote growth and development and to ensure babies meet their milestones, babies should be given milk up to age 2. So,

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5 Common Reasons Why Baby Is Rejecting Your Breastmilk

According to babycenter.com,  drinking breastmilk in the first 6 months of a baby’s life boosts your baby’s immune system against a long list of bacteria and virus infections as well as allergies. This is because the milk your body produces

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Daughter Claims Her Breast Milk Gave Her Dad Extra Life

Helen Fitzsimmons, 40, revealed how her breast milk saved her dad, Arthur from dying early after he was diagnosed with cancer. Mirror reports that the mother-of-two believes she gave her terminally ill father an extra year of life by feeding

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