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Another Nigerian Woman, Vick, Becomes Victim Of Botched Plastic Surgery Carried Out In Lagos

After only few weeks that a Nigerian woman, Omotola took to social media to share that she was afraid for her life following a ‘botched’ cosmetic surgery procedure carried out by a certain Dr. Anu Fella. Dr. Anu runs her

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Ditching Your Bra During COVID-19 Lockdown Could Cause Your Breasts To Sag

The days are behind women who look forward to ditching the bra as soon as they step foot into their homes after a long day. The COVID-19 pandemic has obviously changed a lot of what we know to be normal

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HILARIOUS: Comedian Mc Abbey Talks About His ‘Omugwo’ Experience

Ace Nigerian gospel comedian and event compere Abiodun Sherif Olapade popularly known as MC Abbey who recently welcomed a baby girl with his darling wife Jumoke (read here) has shared his paternity experience. The celebrated humour merchant and father claimed that

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8 Changes Your Boobs May Experience During Pregnancy

During pregnancy changes should be expected as your body is making way to accommodate that human being forming within. In preparation, your body becomes the epitome of transformation and we don’t mean the superficial type politicians promise to make when

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Woman Details Her Body Insecurities From Developing Breasts at 7

A Facebook user, Gloria Okhani, has taken to her page to write about her body insecurities and how life turned out for her after starting to ‘grow boobs’ at 7. Here’s what she wrote as she shared a photo when

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Oyo Task Force Allegedly Orders Lady’s Breasts Sucked as Punishment

A Nigerian twitter user has taken to his page to reveal how men of the Oyo State Joint Security Task Force, codenamed “Operation Burst”, allegedly ordered that a lady’s breast be sucked as punishment for indecent dressing. The group, made

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