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Dear MIMsters: I’m Cutting Ties With My Husband After I Caught Him Doing This

Hello MIMsters, I’m extremely hurt and I want to cut all ties with my husband, but I need to know if I am taking the right decision. I recently discovered that my husband is cheating on me. The girl he

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Dear MIMsters: How My Husband is Frustrating Me Into Leaving Our Home

I have been in this marriage for over ten years now and God blessed me with three kids. The sad thing is my husband is frustrating me to leave. He hasn’t verbally asked me to but his actions speak volumes.

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Dear MIMsters: How My MIL Succeeded in Ruining My 2 Years Marriage. I Hope She’s Happy

This is the story of my life. Right now I have become a single mother of one after 2 years marriage. My ordeal started one year after marriage. My MIL wanted to know everything going on in our home. I was

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