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Why Mums Who Deliver By C-Section Are Less Likely To Conceive Subsequent children- Study

Women who deliver their first child by cesarean section (C-section) are less likely to conceive a second child than those who deliver vaginally, despite being just as likely to plan a subsequent pregnancy, according to researchers. The team followed more

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Mums Who Gave Birth Through A C-Section Also Rock

by Everyday with San Dee During my antenatal classes I was very inquisitive. I would always sit in front to participate in everything, ranging from exercises to lectures for the day. One day, when I was going to the hospital,

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Dear MIMsters: My Colleagues Say A Mum Who Delivers Her Baby Via C-S Is A Disgrace To Womanhood

Who can enlighten this single fan whose colleagues think a mum who had her baby through a C-Section is a disgrace to womanhood? How would you know a woman who has fibroid? How do you know a woman will only give

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