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Why You Shouldn’t Worry About Having a Cesarean Section Delivery

Ogbugoh Terundu Joy  “…Madam, a Cesarean section would be the best choice in this case…” It was the news Ginika had hoped she would never hear. Her pregnancy had progressed fine all through seven months, so what had changed? She

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Ten Tips On How To Recover After Having a Cesarean Section Surgery (Part One)

Mark Wealth Having a Cesarean section surgery comes with its own set of complexities, slightly different from vaginal delivery. One thing is clear though, to recover fully and properly, you must be equipped with the right knowledge.   Sometimes you

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8 Benefits of Having a Cesarean Section

Mark Wealth A Cesarean section is the method whereby a baby is delivered through the mother’s abdomen as opposed to the vagina which is the natural or normal method of delivery. There are a number of reasons why a pregnant

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