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After Witnessing the Birth of His Child, ‘The Rock’s’ Advice to All Men is a Must Read

American wrestler turned actor, Dwayne Johnson ‘The Rock’ welcomed his third child, a daughter, few hours ago and the elated proud father took to his page to share a lovely picture of the newest addition to his family. After witnessing his

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Tragic! Woman Dies from Excessive Bleeding during Childbirth after Refusing Blood Transfusion Because her Faith Doesn’t Permit it

A Jehovah’s Witness church member named, Peace Euodia has died after she had excess bleeding during childbirth and allegedly refused blood transfusion because her faith does not permit such. According to Ossai Ovie Success, who shared the tragic news on

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After Experiencing 9 Miscarriages and Undergoing 4 IVF Treatments a Miracle Happened  | Read Kaojo’s Testimony

Kaojo, (pictured above), took to Instagram to share her testimony about how she finally conceived a child, after experiencing 9 miscarriages and undergoing 4 ‘In-Vitro Fertilisation’ (IVF) treatments before conceiving naturally. Read her inspiring story: “Forever my praises shall be

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New Mum Charged $39.35 By Hospital For Holding Newborn Baby After Delivery

A Reddit user posted a bill which has quickly gone viral on the web. Listed in the bill which was given to the new mother was a $39.35 charge for holding her own baby after delivery in a recent labour and delivery service in the

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Photo: Mentally Unstable Woman Welcomes Baby on the Road in Broad Daylight

A mentally-ill pregnant woman has shocked many observers after she went into labour in broad daylight and gave birth on the road, in Calabar. On Saturday, the yet-to-be identified pregnant woman went into labour at about 3:50pm along Marian Road, one

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7 Ways to Relieve Pain During Labour

By Paula Rumm Pain Relief Options How It Works What To Expect Pros Cons BREATHING is a non-drug pain relief option.  Patterned breathing is often taught in good ante-natal classes.Pain might be an indication that your body needs extra oxygen.

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