Clarion Chukwura

Dear MIM Readers: Please Tell Me What To Believe After Finding Condoms In My Husband’s Bag


Just a few days ago my hubby returned from Easter travel. So, as a good wife I decided to unpack his bag for him the following day only for me to discover condoms in the side zip. When he returned, I didn’t say anything about it although the issue has been bugging me plus I’m

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WOW! Omotola’s Youngest Child Is Now A Teenager


Michael Ekeinde, the youngest child of Nollywood actress, Omotola Ekeinde is now a teenager as he turns 13. The mother of four Instagrammed this picture above with this caption: “Happy 13th birthday kiddo! We love you! Welcome to the Teen world …with no drama!*side eye*” Indeed, happy birthday, Kiddo!

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Police Arrests Woman Who Made 2-Year-Old Fast For 25 Days To Rid Him Off Demons

Starved Toddler Texas

A woman who operated a church at her suburban Dallas home has been arrested for allegedly helping starve a 2-year-old boy to rid him of a “demon,” then holding a resurrection ceremony shortly after he died to try to revive him, investigators said Tuesday. Police believe the boy was dead during the ceremony but that

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Photos: See How This Romantic Boyfriend Proposed


According to Mail Online, a romantic boyfriend gave his partner the surprise of her life when he asked her to marry him by hiring a giant billboard at the side of a road she passes on her way to work. Paul Bakewell, 35, from Walsall, West Mids, secretly designed a poster which he then had

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LOL: Excited Toddler Gets Stuck In Potty Seat And Mum Calls Fire Brigade


An inquisitive two-year-old had to be cut free by firefighters after getting her head stuck in a toilet seat. Makynli Hood couldn’t wait to get started potty training when her mother Aimee brought home a new toilet training seat. But while playing with the purchase, Makynli pulled the seat down over her head and was

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Mum Marries Convicted Paedophile Husband And Devices ‘Grand’ Plan To Protect Her Daughters


A mum seems to be playing with fire by locking up two young sisters inside an alarmed bedroom at night to protect them from her paedophile husband. According to the Mirror UK, the authorities have astonishingly given the go-ahead to the monstrous plan the mum dreamed up so she can sleep with their vile stepfather

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6-Year-Old Girl Sexually Assaulted By Classmate In Class And School Playground

sexual assualt

A six-year-old girl has been sexually assaulted by a boy of the same age in the classroom and playground of her school. But officers are powerless to act over the allegations, at a school in Blackburn, Lancashire, because the age of criminal responsibility in England is ten, so charges cannot be brought against the boy.

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Mum Comes Under Fire On Twitter For Posting These Photos Of Her Daughter


To celebrate her daughter’s 15th year birthday, a twitter user posted the picture above. Other twitter users have certainly bombarded her with questions as to her daughter’s appearance at 15 to which she responded, “You people should stop asking me how. She was born in 2000.” Is there something wrong with this picture?

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