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Specialist, Dr Adesida Adewumi, Issues Vital Information To Victims On How To Preserve The Evidence Of Rape

The reporting of rape cases is very challenging in developing countries like Nigeria, especially when the victims report the abuse years later. Rape cases are the most difficult cases to prove in court. However, a family medicine specialist, Dr Adesida Adewumi is

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Here’s Why Nigerian Man, Stanley Ceeben Wants Washing Machines Banned In Nigeria

A Nigerian man took to his Facebook account to voice his concerns about the growing popularity of washing machines in Nigerian homes. The man, Stanley Ceeben, is worried that ever since washing machines became affordable, too many Nigerian women have

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Hilarious And Thought-Provoking! See Why Seun Kuti Is Saying No More To Expensive Children Clothes

This is a case of desiring to see your investments grow along with your assets. That is, you desire that your asset grows but without it becoming a ‘liability’ that would need further investments while it grows. Funny, isn’t it?!

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