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Dad-of-2, Lamar Odom Gets Candid About His Past Mistakes, Addiction To Sex & Infidelity During Marriage To Khloe Kardashian

NBA star, Lamar Odom has once again address his regret over his failed marriage to reality TV star Khloé Kardashian as well as his addiction to sex and drugs. In his new memoir, ‘Darkness to Light’ exclusively excerpted in PEOPLE,

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UPDATE: Cocaine Addict, Lizzy’s Story Takes A New Turn | Details

There is a new twist in the story cocaine addict, Lizzy, playing out on the internet. Lizzy, recently gained the attention of Nigerians after she told the story of how she got hooked on hard drugs (Here). According to the

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From A Privileged Home To The Streets: 26-Year-Old Substance Abuser, Lizzy, Recounts Her Heartbreaking Story On How She Got Hooked On Drugs

Substance abuse is an issue plaguing quite a number of young Nigerians and many of them now live on the streets due to the effect of the substance in their system. A young Nigerian woman, Lizzy, recently gained the attention

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