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Taking One Cup Of This Brewed Drink A Day Could Increase Risk Of Stillbirth -Study 

Pregnant women have been urged to cut out caffeine, after a new study suggested just one cup of a caffeinated drink a day could increase the risk of stillbirth by more than a quarter. Guidance on the NHS website suggests

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Study Finds That Consuming These Two Things In The Morning Could Save Your Life

Living a healthy life implies you are focusing on two things: the physical activities you’re doing and the foods and drinks you’re consuming. For those living with diabetes, however, monitoring what you eat and drink is a constant task. And

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‘Stop Taking Bread And Tea’ – Nigerian Doctor, Olufunmilayo Harvey Warns Pregnant Women, Gives Reasons

A Nigerian doctor identified as Dr Olufunmilayo Harvey on twitter recently took to social media to advise pregnant women to stop taking bread and tea. In his post on the platform, the medical doctor whose aim is to help save

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Nutritionist Explains Why Women Shouldn’t Drink Coffee On An Empty Stomach

For those who have made drinking coffee on an empty stomach a regular habit, an expert has said that they may be doing themselves a lot of harm. According to consultant nutritionist, Carlyn Rosenblum, MS, RD, there are a few

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Drinking Four Cups Of Coffee Daily Could Help Reduce Obesity – Research

For those who have made drinking coffee a regular habit, research has shown that they may be doing themselves a lot of good, especially, if they hope to keep excess body fat at bay. According to research,  four cups of

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