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For Better, For Worse! Devoted Husband Celebrates 50th Wedding Anniversary With Wife in Coma (Photos)

A 78-year-old devoted husband has proven that he takes his vows  for better, for worse; in health, and in sickness seriously by showing his love and dedication to his wife who is in a coma. According to the Qianjiang Evening News, the

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Heart-warming Moment Baby Miraculously Wakes Up From Coma As Doctors Prepare To Turn Off Life-support Machine

In an amazing turn around, the miraculous moment a baby woke up from coma as doctors were ready to turn off her life support machine has been caught on camera. One-year-old little Marwa, was struck by a brain-damaging virus in

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After Suffering From A Head Injury, Nigerian Boy Wakes Up From Coma Speaking Spanish Fluently

16-year-old Georgia-based boy, Rueben Nsemoh, originally from Nigeria, shocked family members and doctors when he opened his eyes after a three-day coma and began speaking fluent Spanish for the first time in his life, despite having known only a few

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