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9 Common Postpartum Issues & What to Do

Now your baby is safely here and it appears another round of upsets to your body has kicked off. It’s called the portpartum phase. These tips on how to deal with these common issues will help make the healing/recovery process

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8 Common Postpartum Discomforts & What to Do

Mark Wealth Dealing with postpartum discomforts – what some experts have tagged ‘one of the greatest kind of pain a woman endures and lives to tell’ – can feel like your body is about to explode. Find tips to help

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Tips On How To Reduce Your Tummy After Delivery

By Chiomah Momah No matter how how dreary it may seem, it’s possible to get your tummy back to it’s pre-pregnancy state or close to, at least. I must add that it’s a gradual process and nothing is going happen

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