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Family Planning Advocacy Group Share How The COVID-19 Lockdown Impacted Access To Contraception & What to Expect As A Result

The coronavirus pandemic has made it difficult for women trying to access contraception, Chairman, Technical Management Committee, Association for the Advancement of Family Planning, Dr. Ejike Oji, has said. Oji said patients had to navigate through the lockdown period to

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How Parents & Society Can Help Adolescent Girls Make Better Reproductive Health Choices

The Regional Manager of Adolescent 360 Project, Mr. Tunde Ogungbenro, has urged governments at all levels, parents and community leaders to educate adolescent girls on their reproductive health to avoid teenage pregnancies. The project was sponsored by the Society for

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Society for Family Health (SFH) Is Championing Access To Contraceptives For Adolescent Girls | Do You Approve?

While you have the best thoughts and maybe even believe you have left no stone unturned in educating your girl child on sexuality, reproductive health and the social impact of both; a health advocacy group is saying you can’t be

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How Woman Found Out Her Husband Is the Brain Behind Her Recurrent Miscarriages

Fatima DMG, a Nigerian doctor took to the Facebook platform to narrate a disheartening story as recounted by a woman who was shocked to discover that her dear husband has been the brain behind her recurrent miscarriages. According to the

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Could Having Less Children Make You Wealthier? See Melinda Gates’ Viewpoint

Melinda Gates, the wife of the richest man in the world and the founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates, has revealed how family planning helps people in Africa to become healthier and wealthier, adding that women without contraceptives become locked in “a

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Nurse Shares Heartbreaking Photos Of Newborn Baby Allegedly Deformed Due To Use Of Contraceptives

A Facebook user, who is a nurse, Sylvia Ijeoma, has an important message for the youths. She shared the heartbreaking photos of a deformed baby that was born in the hospital where she works. According to her, the deformity was caused

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Birth Control Methods: Mums Share On What Worked And What Didn’t Work For Them

For family planning purposes or in a bid to prevent unwanted pregnancies, there are variety of options provided (read here). Talking to your gynaecologist for professional advice comes top on our list but if you are still in doubt, see what

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