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Dear MIMsters: Am I Wrong To Distrust My Cousin After This?

Long ago, my female cousin started living with us. Being an only girl, I immediately bonded with her and my prior loneliness was erased. We went to school together, washed plates together, took our bath together – we were inseparable

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Dear MIMster: How Do I Tell My Cousin What I’ve Been Doing With Her Newly Wedded Husband?

How do I tell my cousin what I’ve been doing with her newly wed husband? I’m a 21-year-old girl in 300 level. I have a cousin that I like so much and she is very fond of me as well.

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Two Family Members Fight Dirty Over Late Brother’s Wife

A rather shameful incident has occurred in which two family members from Kakamega in Zimbabwe are fighting over who should inherit their late brother’s wife, pictured above. CityNews reports that Alfred Mukhobi, the husband to the woman they are fighting over,

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