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New Mum, Korra Obidi, Shows Off Her Belly, Four Days Postpartum | See what She Credits Her Success To

Vivacious new mum, Korra Obidi was very active during her pregnancy, much so that she had to put up with a lot of criticisms from social media users who believed she was doing too much and endangering her life as

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Preggy Mummy Goals! Heavily Pregnant Ciara Shows off Some Really Cute Dance Moves 

Some people might say it’s her “dancer” history, some might say she’s eating the right “stuff”. We however have undeniably crowned Ciara our yummy mummy Preggo goals. She has the glow that every pregnant woman craves during pregnancy, and she

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6 Safe Exercises For The Pregnant Women

Now don’t think pregnancy is a reason for you to give up exercising. If anything, your body needs it now than ever. Researchers have discovered that exercises boosts your mood, improves sleep, and reduces pregnancy aches and pains. It also

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